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.US is the ideal extension to identify all the realities in United States

Registering a .US domain is an effective way to protect your online identity in United States and in the world.

.us domain registration. Protect your name in United States!



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United States

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Requirements for the .us extension

  • It must be shown that there is an economic, cultural, historical, social or other type of connection to the location that the extension refers to.
  • Maximum years of registration: 10
  • The domain name must contain a minimum number of 3 characters and a maximum of 63 characters excluding the tld length

.us domain registration rules - United States

Time needed: 1

The applicant of a .us domain must be:

  • a natural person, a United States citizen who has a permanent residence in the USA or possesses property or land, or whose domicile is in the US,
  • United States entity or organisation that is in one of the states recognised by the USA,
  • a foreign entity or organisation whose presence is in the USA.

The applicant of a .us domain must also certify his/her presence in the United States based on actual contact information or legal activity in the US. Specifically, if the applicant is:

  • a United States citizen they must provide a US passport or birth certificate;
  • a permanent United States resident or their principle domicile is in the US, they must provide a green card;
  • an American entity or organization, they must provide a title deed, a rental contract, a tax ID, or other official documentation showing the US address;
  • a foreign entity with Bona Fide Presence, they must provide a valid bill of sale with a United States buyer; if the entity has a US address, they must provide a deed, lease, tax ID, or other official documents showing the entity's US address.

The provider or the Registry reserves the right to carry out checks at any time in order to verify compliance with the requirements.

.us domain transfer rules - United States

To perform a transfer, you must ask the current manager for the authorization code, or auth-info code.

To transfer a .us domain, you should:

  • make sure the domain is not in REGISTRAR-LOCK or in HOLD status. If the domain is in LOCK status, the admin-c may ask the provider to unblock it,
  • make sure the email indicated for the admin-c is active,
  • make the transfer request in time and not near the expiration date,
  • make sure the domain has been registered for at least 60 days.

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